Peace of Moisture Mind ™ POMM

Desiccants are not designed to dry already moisty goods. Instead they keep on a safe level the relative humidity in a container or in a box/polybag. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you are not adding excess moisture during your sourcing, manufacturing and packaging processes. 
   Peace of Moisture of Mind is Absortech’s step-by-step process to help you find the right solution for protecting your products from moisture damage during transport.  
   With our range of high-performance products you can feel assured that your deliveries will reach their destination in the same condition as when they were loaded. 

Moisture damage solutions through products and services 
How you choose the right moisture protection isn’t easy. With our Peace of Moisture Mind process we have taken the lead in moisture protection by focusing on the entire moisture chain. Based on decades of experience we have developed comprehensive concepts through the entire moisture chain. From end-to-end!

The Peace of Moisture Mind process