Head Office

Absortech International AB

Tryckerivägen 4

311 44 Falkenberg, Sweden
Phone: + 46 346 420 70
Fax: + 46 346 422 22

E-mail:  info@absortech.com


Absortech Europe GmbH

Dr. Schwabe-Str. 21 b

63454 Hanau

phone: +49 171 268 92 23

Fax: +46 346 422 22

E-mail: For information: salesemea@absortech.com

For orders: order@absortech.com

Asia Pacific

Absortech Asia Pacific Pte.,Ltd.

2 Soon Wing Road #07-12

Singapore 347893

Phone: +65 6423 9271

Fax: +65 6423 9372

Email: asiapacific@absortech.com


North South America
Buffers USA Inc.

10180 New Berlin Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Contact: John Hove
Phone: +1 904 6960010
Fax: +1 904 6960019

E-mail: info@buffersusa.com
Web: www.buffersusa.com


We have many years of experience in reducing the risk of moisture damage and we have solved problems with moisture in all continents and with lots of different types of goods. Our staff are happy to share their knowledge in moisture control, so do not hesitate, contact us whether you want to know more about our products or if you need good advice to solve a problem.

To get in touch with us, please use the form below form or call direct to one of our regional offices.

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