absortech: Moisture protection in container, keeping cargo dry
Moisture protection containers

Moisture protection for your cargo

Every year thousands of containerized cargoes are damaged by moisture problems. Metal parts arrive corroded, cardboard boxes moldy and wet, and on arrival food commodities are found to be unfit for consumption. Prevent moisture related problems in containers by using moist absorbing products from Absortech. Container desiccants keep your cargo dry during transit and in storage.

Absortech is specialized in developing efficient and innovative desiccants for humidity protection during shipment and storage. Our desiccants will maintain a dry atmosphere inside your container. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise when it comes to protecting your cargo from problems caused by moisture. Find out more about our products for dry shipping: Absorpole, Absorgel, Absorbag and Esorb container desiccants.

We were certified as per DIN ISO on April 11, 2006. In 11/2012 we passed the revision audit which is valid until 2015.